about us

custom-fit jeans to celebrate your body and on-demand production to protect our planet.
custom-fit jeans to celebrate your body and on-demand production to protect our planet.
our purpose Our ultimate goal is to reduce global carbon emission by 1% through automated, on-demand manufacturing powered by new technology.

We utilize technology for good in order to make the best fitting jeans on the planet. We accomplish this through a new paradigm where clothing is made on-demand with software that we’ve developed to sculpt your pants to fit you best. It is the only methodology of it’s kind.

our tech engineered for you from the future



current – We pair body scanning technology with software that we’ve developed to create the most optimal fit. Our software plots hundreds of landing points along the borders of your lower body that are then altered to fit your unique shape.


future – We’re in the process of creating an additive manufacturing system that will bridge the garment lifecycle gap. With this system, the fabric that’s used to make a garment can be returned to scrap material and ultimately, reused to make another item of clothing. This is a completely regenerative model.

walden lam
chief hustler, co-founder

Fried rice connoisseur, scrappy fashionary, crossfit padawan, quiet rebel. Operating and investment strategy experience in e-commerce, retail, and fashion with an MBA from Stanford.

beth esponnette
chief visionary, co-founder

Wild ultramarathoner, manufacturing nerd. Team leader and teacher with an MFA in design from Standord and a BS in fiber science and apparel design from Cornell.

our team be human,
be relentless,
be intentional

We recruit misfits, engineers, poets, programmers, mothers, fathers, and friends with different stories. Our team is founded on the belief that being intentional, being human, and being relentless is the way to change the fashion paradigm permanently while being authentic and having fun.

kevin martin
chief hacker, co-founder

Sleep avoider, design engineer, lover of all things caffeine. Specializing in robotic camera motion and high-precision R&D. Has a degree in mechanical engineering from CU Boulder.

brian gormley
robotics engineer

3D printer wizard, purveyor of things, living organizer. Determined go-getter with a BE in mechanical engineering from CU Boulder.

josh lopez-binder
software developer

Plant lover, shape studier, capoeira disciple. Dual mechanical engineer and artist who studied at Carnegie Mellon University, obsessed with 3D modeling.

tania cheung
product manager

Avid muay thai fighter, yogi, art, and nature lover. Previous business owner with a BA in fashion design and technology from London College of Fashion.

brooke mcever
product lead

Impact reducer, enthusiasm spreader, textile guru. Worked and grew the sustainability department in Bangladesh and co-founded a transparent supply chain company with a masters in design from Stanford.

edy guy
creative editor

Composer, thrift therapist, spunky monkey. With a BA in Creative writing from CU Boulder, she establishes brand voice from the get-go to drive behavior through emotional connections and recognition.

annika visser
mission operations specialist

Flower child, eco-warrior, yogi. Apparel production and sustainability expert with a degree from Cape Peninsula University of Technology focused on textiles, management, and production processes.

miles pekala
automation lead

Cult leader, puppet master, robot enthusiast. Received a BSEE and MSEE from Lehigh University and has spent the last 10 years since working in the robotics and automation space - trying not to destroy the world.

tori penaherrera
product explorer

Travel junkie, craft maker, sushi enthusiast. Graduated with a BFA in fashion marketing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, passionate about the integration of technology in the fashion industry for sustainability purposes.

guin joyce ballard
retail explorer

Protector of small things, toy enthusiast, closeted cat person. Graduated with a BFA in fashion marketing from Savannah College of Art and Design with a mission to revamp retail experiences.

melody mah
branding explorer

Gluten lover, style experimenter, zealous go-getter. Graduated from HKUST with a BBA, she is an exponential learner with work experiences in brand marketing, digital advertising, and luxury fashion.